Raw to "The Original" Label Change

To our valued customers,

It is with a very heavy heart, that as of April 1, 2017 we will be removing the “Raw” designation from our Coconut Nectar and Crystals retail products.  Our farm facilities in the Philippines that make these specific products have been experiencing continual issues with fermentation, resulting in continual loss of inventory.  Unfortunately, the only way to stabilize these products is to bring them up to pasteurization temperatures of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  The loss of product and money we’ve incurred over the years can no longer be ignored, and this is our only option to avoid having to raise our prices substantially.

All Coconut Secret Nectar and Crystals products will now say “Traditional” on their labels instead of “Raw”.  New labels have been printed and will begin showing up on retail shelves sometime in April.  Please note that there is NO ingredient change in these products or on their labels (only the “Raw” designation has changed), and there is absolutely no change in the amazing flavor of our Coconut Nectar and Crystals products. We very much appreciate your understanding and support while we make this transition.

Much gratitude,  The Coconut Secret team.